General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Applicable from January 01, 2024 - last modified on May 12, 2024.

Clause n° 1: Purpose

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale exclusively govern the subscriptions taken out by customers (the "Customers") with Sedestral for the provision of online services through recurring paid subscriptions (the "Services"). The free offers provided by Sedestral are not governed by these GTC. By subscribing to a paid subscription, the Customer unreservedly accepts these GTC.

Clause n° 2: Subscription and management of subscriptions

At Sedestral, we believe in transparency: there are no hidden fees, no cancellation or subscription fees. You only pay the price of your subscription.

Sedestral Services are offered as subscriptions with recurring payments, at the Customer's choice, on a monthly or annual basis. A Customer can have multiple workspaces, and each workspace is tied to a specific subscription. The subscription becomes active upon receipt of the first payment.

Subscription periods, whether monthly or annual, begin on the day of subscription. For example, if the subscription is taken out on May 19, it will renew on the 19th of each month for a monthly subscription, or on May 19 of each year for an annual subscription. For subscriptions made on a day that does not exist in all months (e.g., January 31), monthly renewals will occur on the last day of the month for the following months. Thus, a subscription on January 31 will be renewed on February 28 (or February 29 in a leap year), then on March 31, etc. For an annual subscription taken out on February 29, the renewal will take place on February 28 in non-leap years, and on February 29 in leap years.

The Customer can subscribe, modify, or cancel the subscription associated with each workspace directly via their client space on the Sedestral website. Any change to the subscription is subject to the conditions set out in these GTC. It is the Customer's responsibility to actively manage the subscription for each workspace, including updating payment information if necessary, to ensure uninterrupted service continuity.

Clause n° 3: Payment conditions

The subscription payment is made by automatic debit from the Customer's bank card at the beginning of each subscription period, depending on the chosen subscription frequency (monthly or annual). In the event of an immediate subscription modification resulting in a price change, a pro-rata payment will be calculated to cover the remaining period until the next regular billing date. This pro-rata adjustment is made to ensure a fair transition between subscription periods. The subscription is modified only after the receipt of this initial pro-rata payment. The Customer guarantees that they have the necessary authorizations to use the chosen payment method and undertakes to keep this information up to date to allow for uninterrupted automatic debits.

Clause n° 4: Subscription modification

The Customer can modify their subscription at any time via their client space on the Sedestral website. Modifications are processed as follows:

- If the new subscription has the same periodicity (monthly or annual) as the current subscription:
  - If the price of the new subscription is equal to or higher, the change and payment apply immediately.
  - If the price of the new subscription is lower, the change will take effect at the next period of the current subscription.

- If the new subscription has a different periodicity from the current subscription (switching from monthly to annual or from annual to monthly):
  - The change will take effect at the next period of the current subscription, regardless of the amount of the new subscription.

These rules ensure a smooth transition between the different subscription offers while respecting the current billing period.

Clause n° 5: Subscription cancellation

The Customer is allowed to cancel their subscription at any time via their client space on the Sedestral website. All subscriptions are non-binding. The cancellation takes effect on the date of the next billing period, regardless of when the request is made.

No pro-rata refund is provided for unused remaining periods of the subscription.

Clause No. 6: Access to Services

From the time of subscription and in accordance with the payment conditions, the Client benefits from access to the Services provided by Sedestral. Sedestral commits to implementing all necessary means to ensure quality access to the Services, in accordance with industry practices and the state of the art.

Clause No. 7: Support and Maintenance

Sedestral commits to providing dedicated client support to assist users of its Services, accessible through various channels such as email and live chat, according to the modalities specified on the Sedestral site. Additionally, Sedestral carries out planned maintenance operations and regular updates of the Services to ensure their security, performance, and continuity. Although Sedestral aims to minimize any interruption or inconvenience caused by these operations, the company will inform its clients in advance of any planned maintenance that could affect access to the Services. However, it is understood that Sedestral cannot guarantee constant and uninterrupted availability or performance of the Services, especially in case of events beyond its control (such as internet outages, cyber-attacks, or natural disasters). In such cases of force majeure or for compelling technical reasons, Sedestral cannot be held responsible for temporary interruptions or service degradations that may occur. Nonetheless, clients are assured that Sedestral will make every effort to restore the Services as quickly as possible and minimize any inconvenience.

Clause No. 8: Late or Failed Payment

In case of a payment issue, our payment partner Stripe will make an attempt to debit the due amount. If this attempt fails, Sedestral will temporarily suspend access to the Services and notify the Client by email, offering an opportunity to update their payment information or resolve the issue. If the situation is not regularized by the Client after this notification, Sedestral reserves the right to permanently deactivate the subscription. This deactivation is considered a last resort and will only occur after an attempt to communicate with the Client to resolve the payment issue. The Client is encouraged to keep their payment information up to date and regularize any payment delays as soon as possible to avoid interruption or loss of access to the Services.

Clause No. 9: Data Deletion

As soon as a subscription becomes inactive, whether due to cancellation by the Client or deactivation due to non-payment, Sedestral will proceed to delete all data associated with the Client's account, including workspaces, projects, and any other recorded information. This deletion is final and irreversible. It is therefore incumbent upon the Client to perform any necessary backups of their data before the termination or expiration of their subscription. Sedestral commits to informing the Client of the imminent data deletion and will provide a reasonable period for the Client to perform their backups. This process is put in place to ensure the protection of privacy and data security in accordance with current data protection legislation.

Clause No. 10: Pricing and VAT

The prices of the Services offered on the Sedestral site are displayed excluding taxes (HT) and expressed in euros (€). This presentation offers a clear indication of the cost of the Services before the application of applicable taxes. The final invoice presented to the Client will include VAT (Value Added Tax) calculated according to the rate in force in the country of the Client's billing address, also expressed in euros. Sedestral commits to complying with local VAT regulations and applying the corresponding rates based on the Client's billing address, in accordance with legal provisions. This approach ensures that the total amount billed, expressed in euros, is compliant with the tax requirements applicable to the Client, offering transparency and clarity on the final amounts to be paid for the subscribed Services.

Clause No. 11: Billing and Bank Receipts

Sedestral provides its clients with easy access to their billing history directly from their client area on the Sedestral site. Each Client can download their invoices related to subscribed subscriptions and the bank receipts for each payment made at any time. This functionality is designed to offer transparency and convenience, allowing clients to manage their financial documents related to the use of Sedestral Services autonomously and securely. Sedestral commits to making these documents available in a consistent manner and in easily accessible formats, to support the accounting and financial tracking needs of our clients.

Clause No. 12: Security and Payment Processing

To facilitate secure transactions and payment processing, Sedestral uses Stripe, an online payment service known for its security. By accepting these GTC, the Client acknowledges that all transactions are processed through Stripe, with Sedestral not having direct access to the Client's bank details. The Client is informed that payment information is linked and specific to each subscribed workspace. It is therefore the Client's responsibility to ensure that the payment information provided is always up to date and valid in each concerned workspace, to ensure the smooth processing of automatic payments for their subscriptions. This step is essential to avoid any service interruption due to payment failure in any of the workspaces. For more information on Stripe's practices, including their terms of use and privacy policy, we invite you to visit their website (

Clause No. 13: Liability

Sedestral commits to providing the Services with care and competence, within the framework of an obligation of means and not of result. This means that Sed estral makes every effort to achieve the promised quality standards, without guaranteeing a specific result. For example, Sedestral cannot be held responsible for failures in achieving specific outcomes due to external factors or cases of force majeure.

Clause No. 14: Force Majeure

Sedestral's obligations will be suspended in the event of occurrences beyond its control (force majeure), such as natural disasters, pandemics, strikes, internet outages, or cyber-attacks. In such circumstances, Sedestral will inform the Client as soon as possible about the occurrence and estimated duration of these interruptions. This suspension shall not engage Sedestral's responsibility for any delay or failure to meet its obligations.

Clause No. 15: Modification of the GTC

Sedestral reserves the right to modify these GTC at any time. The modifications will take effect as soon as they are published on the Sedestral site. Clients are therefore invited to regularly consult the GTC to stay informed of changes.

Clause No. 16: Applicable Law, Language, and Competent Jurisdiction

These GTC are governed by French law and are written in French. In case of a dispute, one or more attempts at amicable resolution will be sought by the parties for a period of 30 days. If no solution is found, the courts of Nanterre will have exclusive jurisdiction, except for contrary regulation imposed by law. The French version of the GTC prevails over any translation.

Clause No. 17: Contact

For any questions relating to these GTC, Clients can contact Sedestral at the following email address:

Clause No. 18: General Provisions

If any provision of these GTC is deemed illegal, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed severable from the GTC and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

Clause No. 19: Time Reference

All references to time in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale are based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). For all provisions related to a date or time, including but not limited to, the end of a subscription, subscription renewal, and contractual modifications, UTC time shall prevail.

Clause No. 20: Product Specifications

As part of a subscription that includes one or more products, the following conditions apply specifically to each included product:


  • Number of AI articles:
    • The number of AI articles allowed for SmartBlog is determined by a rolling month counter.
    • This counter checks daily the AI articles created between today's date and the same date of the previous month.
    • The count of available AI articles is reset daily based on this rolling period.
    • This measure applies regardless of the subscription start date.
    • Unused AI articles during the rolling period are not carried over.
    • The number of AI articles includes any AI article created from the article generation button, even if it is unpublished or deleted in the meantime. Blank type non-AI pages are not counted and are unlimited.

  • Number of blogs:
    • The number of blogs corresponds to the number of active blogs in the workspace.

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