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Optimize your customer service

Sedestral offers a complete and organized cloud-based customer service solution.

Send and receive your business emails

Create emails for your employees and support, easily manage your company's emails, and send and receive emails from the Inbox.

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Chat with visitors on your website

Customize and install a live chat in your company colors within a few clicks so your visitors can easily contact and chat with you from the Inbox.

Page representing Sedestral's interface : Chat with visitors on your website.

Respond to messages from your social networks

Connect your social networks and stop switching from one platform to another. Centralize your social network messages in your inbox.

Page representing Sedestral's interface : Respond to messages from your social networks.

In summary, receive all your messages in one place

Page representing Sedestral's interface : In summary, receive all your messages in one place.

Clearly define access for your employees

Limit access to specific channels or features for your employees within the inbox.

Work as a team

Invite collaborators into your conversations, draft messages together, and send private messages.

Page representing Sedestral's interface : Work as a team.

Customize your inbox

Create multiple inboxes
Page representing Sedestral's interface Create multiple inboxes.
Organize your conversations into categories
Page representing Sedestral's interface Organize your conversations into categories.
Filter your conversations based on specific criteria
Page representing Sedestral's interface Filter your conversations based on specific criteria.

Customize your inbox

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Inbox?

The Inbox is Sedestral's flagship product, where all exchanges with your clients will be centralized and brought to life. Think of it like an email inbox, with one small difference: this inbox also allows you to respond to requests on social media and engage with visitors on your website. The Inbox is actually a request vacuum, allowing you to optimize your response and processing time.

How can I save time with this solution?

Sedestral was created with the goal of providing the greatest possible support to each professional. We put our hearts into optimizing the use of our Inbox as much as possible. Realizing it was time-consuming to juggle different platforms and that you had to select your audience, we thought about how to reach this neglected audience without increasing your workload. The solution of centralization turned out to be the most interesting for us, which is why the Sedestral Inbox includes EVERYTHING!

How can I navigate the Inbox?

The Inbox employs a color-coded system featuring platform logos to facilitate understanding and swiftly pinpoint the origin of messages. Moreover, our contact detection system, incorporated across all our products, enables identification of the same individual across various platforms. If two contacts share numerous identical data points, they are consolidated into a single identity.

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