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Centralize your social networks

Sedsetral lets you create, program and publish on all the channels you use.

What to do?


Create a publication by choosing the channels on which you wish to publish

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Share your progress with your colleagues and allow them to modify the publication before posting it.

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Publish everywhere from a single location, with statisticals feedbacks on your audience

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In short, publish everywhere in one place

Page representing Sedestral's interface : In short, publish everywhere in one place.

Schedule your publications

You can schedule your publications in advance so that they publish automatically whenever you want.

Page representing Sedestral's interface : Schedule your publications.

Available now on all major platforms, and soon on many more

We strive to optimize your creative time as much as possible by integrating into our platform numerous social networks and channels on which you can broadcast your publications

Page representing Sedestral's interface : Available now on all major platforms, and soon on many more.

Personalize your posts

Customize every post on every social network as you see fit

Receive channel messages on Sedestral

You can also receive messages from all your social networks and channels on Sedestral.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sedestral's Publisher?

Sedestral's Publisher simplifies posting on major social media platforms. Customize your posts with our integrated tool, enhance efficiency, and boost your online presence.

How to enhance collaboration with colleagues using Sedestral's Publisher?

Collaborate in real-time with colleagues using the Publisher. Visualize modifications made to posts, enhancing team coordination and ensuring consistency in your online presence.

How can I personalize my posts using Sedestral's Publisher?

Create unique posts reflecting your business. Sedestral's intuitive tool allows you to customize every detail, captivating your audience and strengthening your brand image.

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